Frozen Pipe Prevention - The best ways to Keep Your Pipes From Freezing

Burst pipes can become a huge financial concern that might have been prevented if both the tenant and property owner had actually taken some basic safety measures to winter season proof the property. Damages can and frequently do run into the thousands. These costs can be for things such as pipe repair work, collapsed ceilings, soaked carpeting, harmed home appliances and arranging alternative accommodation for tenants.

The property owner could avoid the threat of burst pipes and flooding by making sure all pipes are properly insulated. In addition to avoiding heat loss, lagging of hot water pipes and tanks can prevent pipes from freezing. Remember to inspect that overflow pipes are connected properly and not blocked. Clogs can result in significant build ups which can trigger burst pipes. Need to the tenant desire to leave the property vacant for an amount of time, they will be expected to keep the heating on low. This possibly a reason for monetary concern for a tenant. If you have done all you can make the property as energy efficient as possible, the tenant is maybe more likely to follow these guidelines as the heat will be kept in the property.

Improvements you may think about would include much better insulation. This will keep the property warm and dry, importantly keeping bills low for the tenant and making the property more attractive to let in the future. Lofts need to preferably be insulated to a minimum depth of 270mm to prevent heat loss through the roofing. Cavity wall and floor insulation should be set up to keep heat inside. Draft proofing the property is also exceptional. This can be done by guaranteeing all spaces in between the skirting boards and floorboards are filled and that the windows are double glazed.

Once the landlord has done all they can to guarantee the property is winter season proof it is vital to remind the renters of needed preventative measures to be taken to safeguard the property from the outcomes of freezing. It can be explained to the occupants that these safety measures could save them from possible expensive damage. In a recent case, where sufficient precautions were not taken, there was a resultant damage in excess of 20,000 in a property where pipes had frozen and then burst causing substantial flooding. Over the vacation period, lots of occupants will want to go away and visit family members and pals. Must occupants mean to be far from the property for longer than 24 hours during the winter duration (December to April), it would be sensible to inquire to observe some easy precautions. For a lot of properties it will be necessary to sell house fast :

Keep the central heating on a low or regular level to preserve a temperature of in between 55/60 degrees F and leave the trap door to the roof space open; OR

Shut off the supply of water, and closed down and drain any central heating boiler and associated pipework. To do this, you will have to ensure the renters understand how to switch off the supply of water at the primary stopcock. They would then have to open all taps, hot and cold, to drain water from roof tank and pipes. Circulating water central heating unit will also need to be drained (and refilled on return before re-starting).

Must the worst occur and damage is triggered to the property, the issue of who will be responsible for the expense of repair will end up being critical. Needs to the property owner attempt to claim that it was the occupants inactiveness that triggered the pipes to burst, they will have to have the ability to adequately show that they have taken all reasonable steps to guarantee the tenant knew their responsibilities which they had actually received instructions on the best ways to fairly carry out the safety measures required. The tenant should have been revealed where the water stop dick is situated and how to turn it off. Be offered handbooks detailing how the heating system works to allow them to manage the temperature. It would likewise be wise for the occupancy contract to include a stipulation obliging the tenant to guarantee the heating is left on in the property throughout cold weather or if the property is left unoccupied for the prevention of burst pipes. The tenant would have a responsibility to take affordable care to secure the property from damage. It would likewise be practical to offer notifications to the tenant advising them what to do if they leave the property empty. It perhaps wise to send out the notice numerous weeks prior to the winter months and again at the start of the chillier period. The notification might also be sent in more than one format, such as a copy in the post and one by means of email. This will make it harder for the tenant to claim non receipt should a situation arises.


The property owner would also have to have proof of the condition of the property prior to any damage triggered. This need to preferably remain in the form of a professional inventory and schedule of condition, to consist of clear photographs. The inventory and schedule of condition need to be signed and dated by the tenant as evidence that they accept that the inventory records a real relection of the condition of the property and its contents.

An additional precaution might be taken in the kind of property owners insurance. This would hopefully cover the expense of damages in case of a claim. Whilst you cannot require a tenant to get insurance coverage it would be prudent to recommend that they check out this option to secure themselves in the event of a claim.

If a claim is made or should a dispute arise over the cost of damage sustained you will need to keep all billings for works done to repair the property. It would be important to acquire more than one quote for any repair services. If items require changing once more like for like quotes must be provided.


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If a claim is made or should a dispute arise over the cost of damage sustained you will need to keep all billings for works done to repair the property. It would be important to acquire more than one quote for any repair services. If items require changing once more like for like quotes must be provided.

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